ellacor® Micro-Coring™ Treatment

The ellacor® System with Micro-Coring™ technology provides a non-surgical treatment for the improved appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles and skin tightening. It works by coring micro-portions of excess skin with hollow needles. Following this core removal, the body's natural healing process will rejuvenate the area, leading to noticeable skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Ellacor® treatment can help reveal your inner youth!

More Information About ellacor® Micro-Coring™

What is ellacor® treatment?

For patients interested in visible, natural-looking results without invasive plastic surgery, the ellacor® System offers excellent results using exciting and revolutionary technology. Ellacor® treatment can improve the appearance of wrinkles and skin laxity for a tighter and firmer skin architecture. While other skin revitalization devices cause excessive pain from intentional thermal injury and will only tighten existing skin, ellacor® offers brand-new Micro-Coring™ technology to remove excess and sagging skin on a micro scale without scarring, faster healing, and minimal downtime.

By removing these portions of excess and loose skin, it allows the body's natural healing response to realign the skin architecture and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. A typical treatment of ellacor® offers most patients rapid healing, resulting in wrinkle reduction and skin tightening with a minimal recovery time – as little as 3 days. An impressive 90% of patients showed improvement on the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale. Plus, the treatment has an 86% overall patient satisfaction, which is much higher than other aesthetic treatments.

How does ellacor® work?

The Micro-Coring™ technology of the ellacor® system uses a series of hollow needles with an internal diameter of less than 0.5 mm to remove micro-portions of excess dermal and epidermal tissue. This breakthrough technology offers full customization of the treatment depth and skin removal amount based on the severity of the wrinkles.

With each excision, the tissue is removed from the needles by an integrated suction system, allowing for a 10 mm square area to be treated in less than three seconds. The treatment provider can move the device quickly and precisely across the treatment area; the entire ellacor® procedure typically takes less than 30 minutes.

After the ellacor® treatment, the body's natural healing response will go into effect as the skin quickly realigns to close the missing cores, resulting in an improvement in the appearance of wrinkles and a firmer skin architecture for natural-looking results.

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Most Common Treatment Areas for ellacor®

The ellacor® System with Micro-Coring™ technology is indicated for use by medical professionals for the treatment of moderate to severe wrinkles in the mid and lower face for adults aged 22 years or older with Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV. Darker skin types (Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI) may react differently to aesthetic treatments than lighter skin types and as such, a separate clinical trial is needed to evaluate the proper protocols for using the ellacor® system on darker skin types.

The FDA has cleared ellacor® for mid and lower face. Results may vary from person to person.

Benefits of ellacor® Treatment

  • Non-surgical treatment without thermal energy
  • No risk of unintended thermal injury to the skin or scarring
  • Patient is given appropriate anesthesia beforehand to avoid excessive pain
  • Typical treatment takes less than 30 minutes
  • Reduces excess skin by about 5–10% each treatment session
  • Improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles
  • Minimal downtime (only a few days)
  • Long-lasting, natural-looking results

Side Effects of ellacor®

Our physicians at Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery will discuss the following side effects with you prior to your ellacor® procedure. Proper pre- and post-treatment care reduces the occurrence of these side effects; however, some conditions may or may not resolve over time. Side effects associated with this treatment may include: redness, swelling, bruising, burning, dryness, roughness, tightness/pulling sensation, crusting, pain/discomfort, tenderness, tingling, bleeding, numbness, skin peeling, or circular marks on skin.

Other side effects not commonly observed with this treatment may include: hyper/hypo pigmentation, hematoma, infection, scarring, skin irregularities, skin necrosis, uneven appearance of the treated regions (left and right sides of face), or anesthesia toxicity (anesthesia related complications may include allergic reaction and possibly death).

ellacor® at Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery in Orange County, California

The ellacor® System with breakthrough Micro-Coring™ technology is exclusively being offered at top dermatology offices around the country. Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery is proud to be one of the first to offer this innovative, non-surgical, anti-aging treatment. It is ideal for patients who prefer a non-invasive alternative to surgery and energy-based procedures currently available.

While other skin revitalization devices induce intentional thermal injury and excessive pain, the ellacor® system quickly and easily removes portions of excess skin to drastically improve the appearance of wrinkles and increase skin laxity without excessive pain and a minimal recovery time. Ellacor® results have proven patient satisfaction according to the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale with 90% of patients showing improvement in the appearance of wrinkles.

At Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery, we want our patients to radiate confidence by looking and feeling their best. Our team of skilled and experienced medical professionals will customize your treatment plan based on your individual needs and goals for visible, natural-looking results and optimal treatment outcomes.

Do you have questions about the ellacor® System? Please give us a call at 949-545-6605 or schedule a consultation online.

FAQS Section

Is microneedling the same as Micro-Coring™ technology?

Microneedling uses small needles to injure and temporarily displace the tissue, but the skin is not removed during this treatment. Ellacor® is the first device to actually remove micro-cores of excess skin in the dermal and epidermal tissue layers, which then allows the body's natural healing to rejuvenate the skin and improve the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles.

How long does Micro-Coring™ treatment take?

Ellacor® Micro-Coring™ technology can quickly move across the treatment area, covering a 10 mm square area in less than 3 seconds. With this level of precision, the entire procedure can typically be finished in less than 30 minutes.

How many treatments will I need?

As every patient has different needs and goals, we advise you to please speak with our team of skilled and experienced experts at Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery to determine an appropriate treatment plan that is right for you. In the Cytrellis Clinical Pivotal Study, most patients underwent a series of three treatments that were spaced approximately 30 days apart.

Is Micro-Coring™ treatment painful?

Our physicians at Skincredible Dermatology & Surgery will provide you with appropriate anesthesia prior to your treatment to make you as comfortable as possible. Most patients in the clinical trial reported pain during the treatment as less than 2 on a scale of 0–10.

Is ellacor® FDA approved?

Yes, the ellacor® System with Micro-Coring™ technology is FDA-cleared for the mid to lower face.

What is the recovery time for ellacor®?

In the Cytrellis clinical pivotal study, 70% of patients indicated they were comfortable going out in public or returning to work 3 days after their treatment. However, you should plan to have a week of down time. While every patient heals at different rates, there may still be some mild to moderate redness present for 1-3 weeks. Post-procedure care is very simple, allowing for an easy and relatively pain-free recovery process.

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