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Skincredible Dermatology offers same-day appointments for skin checks. If you are experiencing any concerns at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. 

What are Skin Checks?

Skin checks are an important part of early detection for malignant moles, tumors, and other skin diseases. These dermatology exams are an essential part of healthcare. Skin checks should be performed regularly by a trusted and trained dermatologist. At Skincredible Dermatology in Orange County, patients can get peace of mind with our skin check services.

Full-body skin checks and skin exams are used to check patients for potentially malignant moles, skin growths, and any other abnormalities. Dermatologists are trained to find any issues with the skin that warrant further examination or tests. Early detection of skin cancer is the most efficient way of treating this dangerous skin condition. When detected and treated early, many types of skin cancer can be highly treatable.

What should you expect during a skin check with your dermatologist?

The dermatologist will do a full-body skin check exam thoroughly checking all areas of skin from head (including the scalp) to toe. Skin check exams will also typically involve the dermatologist asking questions about the patient’s family medical history to get a full understanding.

At Skincredible Dermatology, we recommend seeing a dermatologist for a full-body skin check once per year. Patients who are at greater risk of developing skin cancer should schedule skin checks more frequently.

Are self-exams efficient?

Performing regular self-exams certainly helps in becoming familiar with the body to notice any changes or abnormalities quickly. Patients who notice changes in existing or new moles can contribute significantly to the early detection of potentially harmful skin conditions.

Early detection can be helpful in treating skin cancer, but many skin conditions can still be life-threatening and not visible with your own eyes. That is why regular in-office exams are essential for overall healthcare.

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